Why Coreo?

Why work with us?

Other people say they care, but we care more.

Why do we exist? We are here to have the conversations, dig up the data, articulate the insights, build the strategy, educate the team, convince the decision-makers, take theory to practice, and most importantly, unlearn what’s not working and try something new. We keep our ears to the ground to really hear what you need and our minds wide open to deliver beyond it.

From boardrooms to mine sites, beauty products to the built environment, our unique approach encompasses imagination, hard work, and fearless curiosity. When you work with us to build circularity into your business, your community, or your policy, you will find we are all about giving back.

We empower change-seekers to become systems thinkers; changing the system to change the story.

Why do we do what we do?

Back when the circular economy was still a highly theoretical concept, we pioneered Australia’s first ‘Circular Experiment’. Today, we are thrilled to see the circular economy trending the world over. However, at Coreo, we are not working on the circular economy because it’s the flavour of the month. We are focusing on the circular economy because without it we honestly believe we’re in a pickle.

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Reach out and see how we can work together.

We’re Australian, but with a global vision and influence.

We acknowledge the first and continuing custodians of the countries and the grounds upon which we all collectively work, create, live and dream. We recognise the unique and enduring relationship that exists between Indigenous Peoples and their traditional territories the world over. We welcome their deep knowledge and participation in the circular economy.

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