Who is Coreo?


The family values have stuck

Coreo is a family business founded by two sisters. The team has grown into a posse of fiercely intelligent, capable, and diverse leaders. Raised with trust, kindness, honesty, listening, and knowing that actions speak louder than words, these values have stood the test of time and transition:

  • Be kind. Always
  • Honesty is the best policy
  • People invest in people
  • Listen first and speak last
  • Words produce CO2 whereas actions can decrease it
  • Work for the fun of it
  • Having the gumption to fail, learn and fly.

Meet the Coreo team

As a team we are circular economy strategic advisors, project partners and all round doers. We bring passion, a depth of unique experience and a good dose of cognitive diversity to the table.

Ashleigh Morris
Ashleigh Morris


Systems thinker
Unapologetically ambitious
Committed to change

As the visionary CEO & Co-Founder of Coreo, Ashleigh captivates leaders across diverse sectors, inspiring the initiation of the transformative journey from a linear economy to a circular economy that serves people and nature.

Ashleigh has been recognised as a Top 100 Global Corporate Social Responsibility Influential Leader, an Australian ASEAN Emerging Leader, as Brisbane’s Young Business Person of the Year 2020, and most recently as one of Queensland’s Outstanding Young Leaders in the inaugural 40 Under 40 Awards.

Ashleigh was an invitee to the 73rd United Nations General Assembly and invited as a guest speaker at the World Circular Economy Forums in 2019, 2021 and 2023.

She is a founding Board Member of the Australian Circular Economy Hub, and holds advisory roles with industry bodies for mining, textiles and renewable fuels. In 2022 Ashleigh was appointed to the Brisbane 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games Legacy Committee.

Complementing her impactful work, Ashleigh served as an Executive-in-Residence at The Yunus Centre of Griffith University. She holds a Bachelor of Environmental Health Science with Faculty Commendation for academic excellence, achieved 1st Class Honours in Environmental Management, and earned the highest university honor – the University Medal.

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Jaine Morris
Jaine Morris


Disarmingly playful
Wildly enthusiastic

As COO of Coreo, Jaine’s expertise lies in her capacity to take her clients on a circular exploration that is compelling, inclusive, and tangible. Underpinning engaging storytelling with deep operational expertise, Jaine’s work has been recognised and celebrated, notably having been invited to share her views at the 2019 United Nations General Assembly.

In recognition of her unique and specialised experience actioning circular economies globally, Jaine was appointed as an Executive-in-Residence at Griffith University’s Yunus Centre; A Technical Editor of Wiley’s publication ‘Circular Economy for Dummies’; Listed as number four in the world of CSR Influence Leaders 2020; and invited to be a mentor for the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

At her core, Jaine has retained her childlike enthusiasm and wonderment of the world. She loves people and loves being a part of creating something big that actually bloody matters.

This passion enables her to mobilise communities and corporations to change behaviours with greater commitment, influence a broader cross section of stakeholders, and scale change faster to transition to a thriving future.

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Cameron Kaufman
Cameron Kaufman

Circular Specialist


Cameron is a compelling thought leader, equipped with a diverse skill set honed through extensive work and travel across the globe. Fluent in five languages, and renowned for her personable approach, she excels in building relationships that pave the way for transformative outcomes.

With a Master’s in Environment from the University of Melbourne and a Bachelor’s in International Relations & Economics from Tufts University, Cameron’s academic background compliments her corporate experience in asset management, communications, non-profit, clean energy investment, and energy to deliver transformative solutions for clients.

As a Circular Economy Specialist at Coreo, Cameron drives innovation in projects, methodologies, and organisational capabilities through systems-based analysis, networked governance, and circular projects with compounding benefits. She works across all key economic sectors, but has specialisation in mining and metals and the built environment.

Noteworthy contributions include:

  • Pioneering a groundbreaking Plan for Disassembly Guide for the Australian property sector in collaboration with Built and the Clean Energy Finance Corporation.
  • Delivering briefings and developing Network Governance models for the International Council on Mining and Metals, governments, and the world’s largest mining corporations.
  • Identifying system-transformation projects for Woolworths Group’s Beyond 2025 Strategy.

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Jenna Savin
Jenna Savin

Circular Specialist

Thrives on change
Questions everything
Empowers wonder

Jenna stands out as a future global leader, backed by an outstanding academic background in business, sustainability, and environmental design from two of the world’s leading universities. Notably, she earned the University of Queensland’s Business School Award for Excellence in Innovation for her pioneering Carbon Literacy course designed for the aviation and consulting services industry.

As a Circular Economy Specialist at Coreo, Jenna employs her expertise in systems thinking, data analysis, design, and cutting-edge planetary science. Her approach revolves around defining system transformation points for clients, unlocking value, reducing risks, and fostering resilience.

Jenna’s impact extends across diverse sectors:

  • Jenna co-authored an authoritative report for the Australian Government on the circular economy’s influence on the future of mining and metals.
  • Jenna crafted a positive impact strategy for Rio Tinto’s venture, Nuton—a nature-based technology unlocking the world’s lowest impact-footprint copper.
  • At Lendlease, Jenna introduced a commercial service, ReMaterialise, diverting approximately 80% of construction waste from landfills, creating a local system to rematerialise waste into new products and generating new employment opportunities.

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Lindar Butler
Lindar Butler

Partnerships Manager

Team energiser
Ruthlessly organised
Kind without coffee

Lindar Butler is extremely confident when it comes to coordinating the many moving parts of Coreo. However she is forgivably shy when it comes to promoting herself on a website – but we’re doing it anyway because she deserves the credit.

Lindar has decades worth of expertise driving strategic programs, projects and events. She is a true enabler, managing logistics and communications seamlessly to ensure the leadership team thrives in an environment of high performance and quality outcomes.

Lindar is a stakeholder negotiator extraordinaire focused intently on mutually beneficial value creation. She is ethically driven and a most trusted advisor, adept at navigating highly complex political landscapes, while flawlessly building rapport.

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Catherine Leach (Catfish)
Catherine Leach (Catfish)

Illustrator, creative collaborator

Circular cartographer
Design thinker
Ocean Advocate

Catherine Leach is Sea E O of Catfish Creative. One of Australia’s top illustrators, graphic facilitators and circular thinkers, Cat’s designs have been an integral part of Coreo’s work from the get-go. As Cat says, now, more than ever, we need creative design and design thinking to solve the complex challenges of our expanding world.  And we whole-heartedly agree. Cat’s driving passion – designing for change – has evolved through a multi-faceted career path, a  sharp eye for powerful creative work, and a sense of stewardship for the oceans and the natural world.

Cat dedicates her immense graphic talent to promoting conservation work, social innovation, disruptive technologies and collaborative efforts seeking to challenge the status quo and drive positive change for people and planet. Her broad experience in creative communications enables projects to leverage the power of ideas and the strength of simplicity with aesthetics that engage.

Cat grew up by the beach in West Wales (Pembrokeshire) and spent much of her childhood swimming, snorkelling or playing about on boats, and since then has been a passionate advocate for ocean health. From a co-working space by the beach, Cat translates systems, ideas, relationships, and strategy into powerful illustrations.

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Attitude of gratitude

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to all of those who have helped build Coreo. To those that lent us their time and passion, commiserated with us through the trials, celebrated with us during the triumphs, provided much-needed support and mentoring, and most importantly reminded us when we were wavering that we were enough and to always stay true to ourselves. Thank you.

Our history

What started it all: The Circular Experiment

We love a good story, so like all stories, let us start at the start.

In early 2017 our founders were having a conversation about the state of the world and the pickle they saw the world heading towards. Ashleigh had spent the previous five years working on some of the world’s most intractable environmental issues; from the rising burden of E-waste, to deforestation in Indonesia. Ashleigh shared with Jaine that throughout all of her professional experiences she only ever felt like she was putting bandaids on the symptoms of the problem and not tackling the problem itself.

It would take the indomitable solo sailor, Dame Ellen MacArthur, to evoke a clear understanding in Ashleigh that the problem was our linear ‘take, make waste’ economy.

Ashleigh then dived into a monologue about how she believed the antidote to this flawed economic model could be found in the circular economy.

However, it was at this point in the conversation that Jaine interrupted Ashleigh’s reverie and asked her quite bluntly what she was going to do about it. You see, our founders are both believers of the philosophy that when you know better you do better, so to Jaine it made perfect sense to challenge her little sister.

Several reports had been released in early 2017 articulating the benefits of transitioning towards the circular economy including the South Australian Government’s report, Creating Value, which highlighted the significant reduction in carbon emissions and the potential job creation opportunities.

The problem was though, no matter where our founders looked in Australia there was no tangible demonstration of how to take the circular economy out of theory and put it into practice.

So, on that day in March 2017, Ashleigh and Jaine decided they would work to answer the question: ‘What does the circular economy look like in practice?’

The Circular Experiment was born.

For six months Jaine and Ashleigh worked with 45 small businesses on one city street to implement a range of different circular economy concepts – things that were tangible to the businesses at the beginning, like energy, water and waste, and gradually as they built trust and rapport with the street they started working with them on things that were a little more intangible like logistics networks and asset sharing.

Fundamentally, The Circular Experiment was a success and as such it is no longer an experiment.

It’s Coreo.

Abstract art

Reach out and see how we can work together.

We’re Australian, but with a global vision and influence.

We acknowledge the first and continuing custodians of the countries and the grounds upon which we all collectively work, create, live and dream. We recognise the unique and enduring relationship that exists between Indigenous Peoples and their traditional territories the world over. We welcome their deep knowledge and participation in the circular economy.

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