How does Coreo work?


We meet our clients where they are, and help them arrive where they want to be.

We prioritise working with people and on projects that will have the greatest impact on the production and consumption of materials; the regeneration of our natural world; and the quality of human connections.

How might we work together?

There is no abracadabra. We’ve developed a robust methodology that builds capacity and capability while answering three questions. Every journey toward circularity begins with them. And no two journeys are the same.

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    Question 1

    What is the circular economy? (no really what is it)

    The circular economy is a beautiful mud map for getting off the beaten track of the linear economy and circling back to a regenerative economy that finds value, where previously there was wasted opportunity.

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    Question 2

    What value can it contribute (to my company, government, shareholders, and stakeholders?)

    With three guiding principles, and five supporting business models, the circular economy is a tangible and practical toolkit to navigate social, environmental and commercial risks, while paving pathways for value creation.

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    Question 3

    And finally, where do I start?

    We can start anywhere you like! That’s the beauty of systems change, it doesn’t matter where we start, it matters that we start.

How might answers to these questions look for you?

Circular economy education, training & presentations

Circular maturity assessment & benchmarking

Crafting your circular narrative

Supply chain & material flow analysis

Project ideation, prioritisation, design and delivery

Advancing circular maturity

Network Governance

Strategy development, connecting circularity to exisiting commitments

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Reach out and see how we can work together.

We’re Australian, but with a global vision and influence.

We acknowledge the first and continuing custodians of the countries and the grounds upon which we all collectively work, create, live and dream. We recognise the unique and enduring relationship that exists between Indigenous Peoples and their traditional territories the world over. We welcome their deep knowledge and participation in the circular economy.

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